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Jan 18, 2019

One of our favourite places to visit for a long weekend or a short gateway is definitely Thessaloniki, the second-largest city in Greece.

The city is perfectly located along the Thermaic Gulf at the northwest corner of the Aegean Sea. From almost every corner in the city you can look out over the gulf.

And just a few hours driving from the city you can find beautiful beaches in the peninsula Chalkidiki.

Overall, it’s a perfect travel destination to mix the cool vibes of the city with some extra days of relaxation at the beaches of Chalkidiki.

The life in Thessaloniki is very laid back (as you know most Greeks enjoy life to the fullest), lots of nice bars, café’s, restaurants and great shopping. Throughout the year you can enjoy a lot of cultural events, and when you walk around in the city you will come across many historic sites.

In the evenings everyone likes to gather around Aristotelous square and the boulevard, where they sit down for a drink or take a nice evening stroll while watching the sunset.

Thessaloniki consist of different area’s which all have their own character and where you can fulfill different needs. The old part of Thessaloniki is called Ano Poli, it’s the highest part of the city and the only part of the city that survived the big fire of 1917. It typically has the old Ottoman architecture and collared houses. It’s nice to have a quick look but we would advise downtown, as that is where all the magic happens.

Tsimiski is the main shopping street of the city. Around Tsimiski there are a lot of small streets with more boutiques and smaller local shops. You can take a little shopping break at one of the Terkenlis cafés or small sweet shops that are spread out throughout the city centre. Besides Terkenlis, our ultimate favourite bakery for sweets, other delicious bites and coffee is Blé. We can’t get enough of all the good stuff they have!

Around Aigos Sofia there are some good places for lunch, Cin Cin for example offers good food and has a beautiful terrace overlooking a historic site. Two others are Ergon Agora foodmarket and Mia Feta, a concept where everything includes different sorts of feta cheese.

When you’re going out for food or drinks (or both!) make sure to go to the Ladadika district. Here you can find various restaurants and bars. Right behind Ladadika is the old commercial district of Thessaloniki, a more urban looking area where the nightlife is happening. We were very surprised by the area and explored some very nice bars and restaurants with great atmosphere. For drinks we recommend Gorilla cocktail bar and Ypsilon. For food you can check out Elia Lemoni, which have an amazing menu with good prices.

During the day you can shop for lovely Greek delights at Olicatessen, an absolute favourite of us. And trust us if we say that this place has amazing goodies you can bring home for your friends and family.

Some museums worth checking out are the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, Museum of Byzantine Culture, and the White Tower Museum (which we recommend to go all the way to the top on where you have an amazing view of the city, boulevard and sea). And oh yeah make sure you also hop in a few of the amazing orthodox churches which are scattered all over the city, like Agia Sofia and Agios Dimitrios. The Byzantine architecture is simply amazing.

So we hope you liked our tips, but the best way is to explore Thessaloniki by yourselves.


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