Introducing Taiwan-Lantern, neo-traditional lanterns handcrafted by artisans in Taiwan.

FOS Studio collaborates with Taiwan-Lantern monthly for Marketing and Social Media management. Recently, we created new photography content featuring their Plant Dyed Patterns and Plant Dyed Unicolors collections.

At Amsterdam's OODE Gallery, we skillfully blended design and art, showcasing the Lanterns' beauty in diverse interior settings. By incorporating additional elements from South African furniture design company, Lemon Furniture, we established a contemporary and intriguing ambiance.

Guided by the gallery owner, who helped us choose the right art for the setups, we were able to successfully create both overview and detail shots in various moods. This content is now shared on Taiwan-Lantern's Social Media, website, and soon available for various press outlets.

Explore the allure of Taiwan Lantern's craftsmanship on Instagram and discover how our photography can elevate your brand or collection. Contact us today to learn more.


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