Studio Selé

Studio Selé is a Dutch brand that was established in 2021 with a mission to enhance the quality of people's sleep by offering comfortable and high-quality bedding products. The brand is based in Amsterdam and was founded on the belief that good sleep is essential for a healthy and balanced life.

Studio Selé has a range of products such as bedframes, nightstands, mattresses and pillows all made from the highest quality materials. With a focus on high-quality materials, unique design, and exceptional customer service, Studio Selé is a brand that truly cares about creating a restful and beautiful bedroom environment for their customers.

Having Studio Selé as a client for a photoshoot, we have played an essential role in showcasing the brand's vision of promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle through quality sleep. Our work in styling the shoot has contributed to the overall aesthetic of the brand and helped to convey its message to potential customers, creating an emotional connection with them and inspiring them to invest in their sleep and bedroom environment.

We have offered a range of services that have been integral to the success of the photoshoot. The services included creating a moodboard with the look and feel for the photoshoot, choosing styling items upfront, creating settings on location, and the photography.

Creating a mood board with the look and feel for the photoshoot has been an essential first step in ensuring that the photos accurately reflect the brand's vision and aesthetic. The moodboard has helped to communicate the desired mood, color palette, and style of the photos, allowing us to curate the shoot accordingly. Choosing styling items upfront has also been crucial in ensuring that the photos accurately reflect the brand's aesthetic.

Attention to detail in setting up the shoot location has ensured that the photos accurately reflect the brand's vision, creating an overall dreamy and sophisticated outcome.

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