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Jun 07, 2018

From the first time we visited Kardamyli we loved it! It’s a very artistic, unique and welcoming place. The village is and has been for many years the home for a lot of artists. This reflects throughout the whole village. You can find artsy shops, architects companies, and nicely decorated bars and tavernes.
Besides this, Kardamyli is a beautiful seaside village located in the Mani peninsular, a stunning region in the southern Peloponnese. Kardamyli is both an ideal place for holidays and a special retreat for long relaxing spells.

The drive is about 40 minutes from Kalamata to Kardamyli. The route is very breath taken, mountain hills covered with olive, pine, and all sorts of other trees and flower bushes. Small villages are spread throughout the hills giving this scenery a feeling of an old painting. And then all these natural fragrances, so many olive trees, tropical flowers and fruit-trees. Such a treat!

Although Kardamyli is small, there are enough accommodations. (Inside the village or just outside in the area) For the whole month of June we’re based in one of the apartments of Olympia Zervea. The location of the complex is perfect, beautifully build just down at the hill surrounded by nature and overlooking the sea. We would definitely recommend this apartment.

Other options we found for you are Elies Apartments, their residencies are located along Kardamyli beach and have that idyllic and relaxing look between all the olive-trees. You can stay here for your holiday or just enjoy their good food at their garden restaurant.

Xenonas Lithos guesthouse is also very nice, but its a bit more expensive. But if you have money to spend then these luxury designed apartments are a must.

Just outside of the centre of Kardamyli is guesthouse Katkies Manis. This is a place where you can relax and enjoy the endlessly beautiful views.

After we arrived in Kardamyli and got settled in our apartment we took a walk through the village, watched the sunset at the seaside and had our first meal under the stars at Psaras tavern. We would definitely recommend fish, but the local rabbit in orange sauce was also delicious.

Our mornings started here most of the time with a lovely Greek breakfast at our balcony consisting of local fruits, Greek yoghurt, bread and cheese or spinach-pie. (tiropita of spanakopita, traditional savory pies which you have to try).

You can find 2 shops with local (organic) products on the main street of the village, The Olive Shop and Dimitra.
Another thing we like are the small market stands along the roads in this area where people sell their own harvested honey, fruits or olive oil. (Bring your cash with you when you go for a drive!)

After we’ve finished our breakfast we took the car and got frappe to go (Greek cold coffee) and drive to one of the many beaches, or we plan another trip in the area. We’ve listed all the beaches we’ve been (with ranking!) in a separate blog post.

Although it’s June it’s already quit hot for the time of the year, most days are perfect beach days but Kardamyli has also some nice hiking routes to discover.
We went up the hill behind our apartment; there is a road but also a smaller path, which leads to the ancient (abandoned) village of Petrovouni. The hike will bring you to the most beautiful views over the village, Old Kardamyli (also worth checking out) and the entire area itself. Another route worth checking out is to Aigos Sofia.

Like us, go around a time when the temperature is decent for example late in the afternoon before dinnertime (dinnertime here is around 9pm).

After a day at the beach we went back to the apartment to fresh up and take a stroll through the village and watch the sunset with a Freddo Cappuccino. The village of Kardamyli is build around one pretty main street. This is where most of the small shops, boutiques and cafe’s of the village are located. Most of the nice tavernes are located along the seaside, just behind the main street.

Lela’s Taverna is one of our favorites, the tavern has a daily changing menu with a good selection of fresh fish, meat and vegetarian dishes. Because of their location, cosy terrace and the changing menu it’s definitely a spot to go to more often! Before or after you can enjoy a cocktail or a coffee at Aquarella bar next doors to Lela’s.

Other good tavernes are Psaras (where we have also been a couple of times), Kastro Tavern and Elies.
Kastro has no menu but the owner of the restaurant will tell you the dishes they serve that day, everything is made from products in the region of a the village. It’s more ‘country food’ we would say, but still very good and nice for a change.

The restaurant of Elies is especially nice for a long lunch with your lover, friends or with the whole family. We like to install ourselves at their sunbeds in front of their restaurant at the beach, go for a swim and in the afternoon when we’re getting hungry we’ll go for a very fresh lunch at their restaurant. Always combined with a cold Mythos beer. Cheers!


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