Peloponnese / Kalamata

Jun 06, 2018

We love waking up in different places. That’s why we’re always going around exploring the areas we are in. If you go to Greece in the off-season (May-June and Sep-Oct), it’s very easy to book a nice hotel for a good price. Be spontaneous!

In Kalamata we stayed for one night at Pharae Palace hotel; located at the boulevard of the city. The hotel provides you with the best views overlooking the Messinian sea, the mountains and the small harbour. This is not only the view from your room but also your view when you’re having breakfast on the top floor of the hotel! Breakfast in Greece is always a treat, same for this place.

After we finished our breakfast we went to the old city of Kalamata to do some shopping in the little boutiques and traditional shops. If you want to buy leather sandals, Sandalia Sti Stoa is the place to be! Be prepared to spend some time over there because they have so many different models to choose from; some are more traditional and other designs more contemporary. Everything is handmade in Greece, with organic dye and natural materials. View the gallery below for the pair I bought.

Strolling around in the old centre you will find many small organic food shops like Μπαχάρτ where you can buy local products such as different kinds of olive oils, herbal teas (take some ‘Mountain tea’ home) and dried fruits.

Most shops close around 14.00 o’clock in the afternoon and open again at the end of the day at around 17.00 o’clock.
Like us, you can take a break at one of the café’s located at Pl. Agiou Georgiou square.

This square has many small streets with cosy decorated bars. The ones we liked the most are Bistroteca, Leon and the Foxtrot a lot. (This area is even better at night, because that’s when most Greeks go out for a coffee and dinner)

If you want to relax in the afternoon or take a swim somewhere near the city, we would really recommend Verga Beach. Verga Beach is only a 10-minute drive from Kalamata towards Mani. There are many trendy beach bars to choose from.

The one we liked the most was Gin Ger. The entire atmosphere and look of the bar was awesome. Late in the afternoon once you’re done with relaxing at the beach, the local DJ starts playing House music. And that’s when everybody starts dancing.

Another nice bar, which is almost next to Gin Ger, is Almyra.

In the weekends you can close of your evening with cocktails at Arossa. This bar is located in the same area as the others but a bit more uphill which provides you with the best view over the city of Kalamata and the sea.



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