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Jul 20, 2018

One thing that Greece is famous for are its gorgeous clear blue waters and endless beaches.

The coastline of the Peloponnese region is very divers and offers a variety of amazing beaches for you to enjoy.

While we were discovering the Peloponnese region we made a list of the best beaches in the area. Some more famous, others more undiscovered and truly breath-taking.

When you’re planning a trip to the Peloponnese it’s very likely you will start your journey in Kalamata. (This is the city where the nearest and biggest airport is located).
Kalamata is located along the seaside, it has a nice boulevard where you can swim but the best area to go to in Kalamata is Verga beach. This is a very trendy area with bohemian looking beachbars where all the locals are going in the weekends.

The most beautiful beaches we discovered where located in the southwestern part of the area called Messinia. A part of the Peloponnese with a Caribbean feel to it and where the ‘Blue Lagoon’ of Greece is located. From the village of Gialova you can easily visit the different beaches and the Blue Lagoon.

The Blue Lagoon is at Voidokilia beach, a protected area where turtles lay eggs in certain parts of the year. Voidokilia is wild and primary a beautiful beach.
There are no sunbeds or beachbars but you can enjoy these at one of the other beaches like Barbouni beach, Ammalofoi beach and Divari beach.

Some beachbars we recommend are Kookoonari, KOA and Ammothines. The village of Gialova also offers some nice beachbars and cozy restaurants along the boulevard.

You can also enjoy the opposite coastline and it’s beaches. Drive south along the coastline and then towards Kalamata again. Just like us, you can make a (long) stop at Peroulia beach to relax!

Another known area in the Peloponnese is Mani, it’s very hilly with a lot of green, imagine olive trees and cypress trees all over. Most of the beaches in this area are small bays located (or hidden) between the rocky landscape and all it’s green. Some are more facilitated and other ones only have a small ‘kantina’ to get a refreshment or nothing at all. There is a mix of beaches with pebbles and sandy beaches.

The most beautiful one is Fonea beach, this little bay has a white pebble beach, crystal clear water and a huge rock that juts out into the water and offers a natural plunge pool.
Fonea beach and Delfinia beach are definitely the two the hidden gems of the Mani!

If you are looking for a more easy going beach with sunbeds and service on the beach we would recommend Kalogria beach. It’s a sandy beach with shallow waters and good facilities. And a great beachbar there is LVK.

We will finish this list with the beach of Kardamyli, a very long stretched pebble beach with clear blue waters and beautiful views over the villages. Install yourself at one of the sunbeds of Elies (Tavern and accommodation) and order a Freddo Cappuccino on the beach.


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