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Feb 01, 2019

Keleon olive oil is an extra virgin olive oil from the Peloponnese region, which is famous for the excellent quality olives and olive oils. Keleon olive oil is selected by us because of it’s aromatic character and pure flavor.

Under the excellent climate of Laconia, Peloponnese region, and in close collaborations with producers of small allotments, Keleon grows and collects the olives from the trees with immense love and care.

From the ancient times until today the oil is used as food, medicine and in the cosmetic industry. Its value has been recognized over time and especially nowadays with modern developments in the field of nutrition.

It is rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants, with its phenolic compounds granting us immunity to chemical substance and anti-inflammatory properties.

It is universally considered one of the ten most beneficial food items and is the main ingredient of the Mediterranean diet since it is connected with longevity and disease prevention.

The product contains olives, love and sunshine and can be called the original superfood.

As a part of our love for the Mediterranean lifestyle, where the Mediterranean plays a big part, we want to share this with you.

Due to the great taste and health benefits of this products it is now available for you via our website!

Unfortunately this product is sold out.

The 750ml tin bottle full of flavors can be yours for only € 17,95. If you would like to purchase send us an email to: or go to the contact form and message us.

Thanks! And we hope you love the olive oil!

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