Greek Islands / Elafonisos

Aug 24, 2018

Up until now most of the places we went to are located on the mainland of Greece, this because it’s very authentic and there is still so much to discover without many tourists around you. Although, this time we felt like discovering the Island life of Greece!

From the Peloponnese region it’s very easy to travel to the Islands of Kythira and Elafonisos. There are several points in the region where you can take the ferry to Kythira but if you want to go to Elafonisos there is only one ferry and that one leaves from from Pounta. (Very close to Monemvasia, another must visit!)

From Pounta you can see the Island of Elafonisos in front of you and it takes only 8 minutes to arrive at the small, cosy harbour of the island. Elafonisos is a very small dune island and is well known for it’s sandy white beaches and beautiful clear waters.

When you leave the ferry and set foot on the island you immediately feel the relaxed island vibe. This feeling continued when we arrived at Capari Suites, which was our base for the following days.
This place felt so comfortable with the owners’ warm welcome, amazing bed, nicely decorated room and the beautiful view overlooking the sea. We would definitely recommend Capari Suites if you ever decide to visit Elafonisos.

The daily activity on the island is simply; enjoy the beaches, and especially Simos beach, which is the best one on the island. So that’s what we did! After a nice (Greek) lunch at Cervi beachbar we installed us at the sunbeds of Simos beach and stayed there for (almost) all the following days, with of course some food and Frappe breaks in between.

After a long day at the beach when you start to get hungry, you can find plenty of lovely taverns alongside the boulevard of the small harbour. The restaurants and Greek Taverns here serve a lot of fresh fish, which is a must on the island. So many nice dishes to choose from but some of our favorites are grilled sardines, calamari from the grill and spaghetti with shrimps. Yummy!


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