Olicatessen is a modern Greek grocery store situated at the heart of the oldest commercial neighbourhood in the center of Thessaloniki. Their question to us was to create more awareness throughout their social media, with a special focus on Instagram.

The unique atmosphere of the store which you experience when you enter, was the most important aspect to capture on camera. This is the special feeling we wanted to create for the visitors online. We started a successful continues collaboration which led to various photoshoots throughout the year. You can view a couple of the photo's we took of their lovely store in this post, and you can also follow their Instagram page here. And enjoy all the amazing Greek deli food they have to offer.

Interested in ordering some of their delicious products? Then you can go straight to their webshop and order. Furthermore, we have also created and executed the concept for the photography on their webshop.

For now, enjoy these photo's and their Instagram.

Feel free to contact us if you're interested in collaborating.


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