Cities / Thessaloniki part 2

Apr 19, 2019

As you maybe have red in our previous blogpost, Thessaloniki is one of our favourite places to visit for a long weekend or a short gateway. Everytime we pay a visit to the city, we discover so many new hidden places. And ofcourse we want to share them with you!

Thessaloniki is a destination you can visit the whole year around, but spring is one of the nicest periods to go. This time we went early spring, the beginning of March. The weather was sunny and perfect for spending the days wandering around in all the different parts of the city and explore new must visits.

Every year Thessalonki organizes the annual Thessaloniki documentary festival, this year it was during the period we were visiting.
The festival takes place at the industrial buildings of the old harbour. For one week you can see different award-winning documenteries from all over the world. A lot of restaurant and bars also take part in the event, they have special menu’s or discounts when you have a festival ticket.

Thessaloniki is a city which is always developing, new restaurants are opening with a different take on traditional Greek food or boutique shops with products from Greek designers.
This time we tried a very nice new restaurant; Mezen Salonica, modern Greek food served in smaller portions, ‘tapas style’.

On our wishlist for a while was Marea Sea Spirit, the place to go for fresh fish and fine dining. We loved their fish roe and variety of fish saganaki.

You can never have enough icecream places, but Bombolo is one of the best in the city.

Greece is not the best place when you are looking for breakfast or brunch places because most Greeks go to the bakery and take some spanakopita or bougatsa as an add on to their coffee to go.

But we’ve heard some very good things about Estrella, a brunch or lunch spot where they have a huge menu with to many delicious things to choose from!

When you are staying over for the weekend or a couple of nights, the Modernist is a good option to stay. They have a stylish interior and great rooftop terrace. Don't forget to grap your Freddo Cappucinno to go next doors at ‘Ergon to go’.

This time we also discovered a (for us) new area, which is called Tositsa. Visiting this area you have the feeling you go back in time with all the old shops stuffed with vintage and second hand items. Perfect area to start vintage treasure hunting!
Some more modern Greek culture can be found in the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art. A compact but nice museum with famous and less famous work of contemporary artists.

Last but not least, it is always nice to take home some quality souvenirs which remind you of your stay.
We found some very nice items at 'Hello from Thessaloniki', and '2nd Floor'. These two shops are stuffed with original products, both located at Proxenou Koromila.


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