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Jun 24, 2019

It’s always a good time for a small trip somewhere around the Mediterranean sea. As you may have noticed we travel a lot in Greece, but this time we switched from the Agean sea to the Cote d’Azur, a lovely transit for a change.

Nice is a city with a rich history and nowadays you can see the different influences of the ones who developed the city throughout the whole area. The funny thing is, that it all started with the Greeks, they were the first to establish a small settlement on the shore of the Mediterranean sea. They called it ‘Nikaia’, after Nike, the Greek goddess of victory. After the Greeks came the Italians, and also the Englishmen left their contribution, which is shown in certain architecture and the famed ‘Promenade des Anglais’.

The city on the Cote d'Azur is the perfect destination when you love to combine a city trip with a couple of sunny afternoons or days at the beach. The old city centre is reachable in about 30 minutes from the airport (by public transport) and there are plenty of (luxurious) hotels along the Promenade des Anglais or nice Airbnb’s spread out through the city centre.

Nice is a city with great architecture and a lot of cultural activities. The old city centre looks like a museum, but Nice also has a lot of good museums to visit, from modern and contemporary art to preserved baroc villas turned into museums. Make sure to pay a visit to at least one of the following; Musée Marc Chagall, Musee Matisse or Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild. Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild is a dream, the location, the gardens and the villa. We didn’t want to leave!

When you are a real foodlover like us there are a lot of good options to choose from in Nice. Because of it’s history there are many good Italians or fusion restaurants in the city. Most of the restaurants can be found in the old city centre or you can go to promenade and have lunch or dinner at one of the beachbars with their famous blue and white striped umbrella's. Very important, don’t forget to include a good French or Italian wine in your meal.

Some of our favourite places for dinner were Lavomatique, where they serve small dishes and especially a lot of wine, and La Cave du Fromager, a eatery in a wine cellar where they match your wine with your food of choice.

In a hidden small street called Rue de l'Abbaye are some very authentic French restaurants to be found. The entire street has a great ambiance and one of the best restaurants is Le Maquis.

When you are done eating, the after dinner drinks can be held at Le Cafe des Chineurs or Les Distilleries Idéales. Enjoy the views on all the pretty colored facades of the buildings while sitting outside sipping your wine or cocktail!

The best place for lunch at the beach is Hotel Plage de Amour, go there for lunch and stay the afternoon at one of their sunbeds to relax.

Other foodplaces we liked were Marinette, a bakery cafe which serve great lunches as well, Clay, for a healthy dish, and Lunch Box, for the best charcuterie and cheeses to take away. For the famous Socca, chickpea pancakes, you can go to Chez Pipo.

Real must do’s when you are in Nice are visiting the local market in the old city centre and when you go there on Monday they have a special antiques market.

We also loved visiting the nearest by sandy beach at the small village of Villefranche sur Mer. A very idealic almost sleepy village with a cute little sandy bay where you can swim and sunbade. In the middle of the beach is a small bar located called La Voile Bleue where you have an amazing view and can enjoy some French sandwhiches.

In the end, what’s not to love about the Cote d’Azur…

Salute to Nice!


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