Bahar Boutique Hotel

Housed within one of the iconic, old-style buildings of Thessaloniki, Bahar Boutique Hotel is a captivating blend of vintage elements and contemporary design, all crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Situated in the heart of Thessaloniki's vibrant Ladadika district.

Our task is to photograph a selection of rooms that truly reflect the essence of Bahar Boutique Hotel. Each room showcases a harmonious combination of carefully chosen materials, vintage items, and modern aesthetics. With a deep passion for capturing the essence of spaces, we aim to create imagery that encapsulates the hotel's distinct character.

As a true city hotel, Bahar offers not only comfortable accommodations but also a charming bar located downstairs. Guests can enjoy breakfast, brunch, and delightful cocktails in their inviting bar Sebil.

The photographs we capture are being used for the hotel's website, ensuring that potential guests can fully appreciate the unique ambiance and style of Bahar Boutique Hotel.

FOS Studio is honored to collaborate with Bahar Boutique Hotel and to contribute to the visual representation of this exceptional establishment. Through our photography, we want to showcase the hotel's passion for design, creating a visual narrative that resonates with guests and inspires them to immerse themselves in the captivating world of Bahar Boutique Hotel.

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