About us

“Fos” is the Greek word for light. Georgios (Greek) and Rose (Dutch) are both creatives and met 4 years ago. Sharing the same passion for the Mediterranean way of life, especially Greece, we decided to put our artistic talents together and start an interior and lifestyle brand named FOS Studio. Our mission is to lighten up your world by giving you the unique experience of Mediterranean life as seen through our eyes. Our studio is built around creative simplicity, a traveling lifestyle, and living in the moment.

Online is our blank canvas where you will find all of our inspiration and reflection of the way we pursue life.

Offline in Greece is how we experience all of these elements in a perfectly styled gateway. Find yourself in an idyllic setting with amazing views, good company, and great food.

Do you share this dream? Then join us on our journey and stay connected via our social platforms.

Latest Journals

Here you can read our latest adventures. Just click on a journal and explore.

Greek Islands / Elafonisos

Aug 24, 2018

Up until now most of the places we went to are located on the mainland of Greece, this because it’s very authentic and there is still so much...

Peloponnese / Beaches

Jul 20, 2018

One thing that Greece is famous for are its gorgeous clear blue waters and endless beaches. The coastline of the Peloponnese region...


Jul 18, 2018

To promote our new FOS Studio Instagram page we decided to collaborate with SOSO store for a cool give away...

Peloponnese / Kardamyli

Jun 07, 2018

From the first time we visited Kardamyli we loved it! It’s a very artistic, unique and welcoming place. The village is...

Peloponnese / Kalamata

Jun 06, 2018

We love waking up in different places. That’s why we’re always going around exploring the areas we are in...

Peloponnese / Intro

Jun 04, 2018

This is the day we start our journey through the Peloponnese area of Greece. The following month...

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